A design drama in three acts

  1. 08:00

    Registration & breakfast

  2. 09:00

    Act I: The Changemakers

    Shauna Carey, IDEO.org

    Haiyan Zhang, Microsoft Research

    Yolanda Domínguez, Visual Artist & Activist

  3. 10:30


  4. 11:00

    Swar Raisinghani & Nihkita Ghugari, Xeno Co-lab

    Christian Benimana, African Design Centre

  5. 12:00

    Lunch and screening of The Frontiers of Design

  6. 13:00

    Act II: The Masterminds

    Matt Jones, Google AI

    Unboxing: ‘Kalk’ electric off-road motorbike by CAKE

    Unboxing: ‘R’ robot speaker and ‘OP-Z’ synth by Teenage Engineering

    Jen Cotton, Amazon

  7. 14:30


  8. 15:00

    Act III: The Explorers

    Emilie Baltz, Food Technologist

    Agi Haines, Speculative Designer

    Dan Goods, NASA

  9. 16:30


  10. 17:30

    Doberman’s 20th Anniversary!

Over the past several decades, design has been recognized as a key approach to a world in flux. But the vast embrace of Design also drives great noise. Everyone talks Design. Everyone thinks Design. Anyone can Design.

In this maze of sameness lurks the ghost of the status quo. But also; a new beginning. An emerging new approach to design, and a landscape of opportunities for how to truly cut through the noise and radically change business and society. These are the Frontiers of Design. And those who master them will lead.

Our program is an exploration of these frontiers and our broad range of international speakers will shape a three act agenda.

Act I

Here’s to the Change makers

Design has emerged as a powerful instrument to change our world. Hear from an eye-opening blend of daring changemakers who share their thoughts on how to design for social impact.
Act II

Here’s to the Master minds

New behavior. New technologies. New new. The opportunities to craft genuinely groundbreaking products and services are more intriguing than ever before. Listen to the masterminds who embrace these opportunities and defy uniformity.

Here’s to the Explorers

The true frontier is a bucket list of unknown experiences yet to be discovered. Here are explorers at the intersection of art and science who design experiences that spark the imagination towards the unbound and unexpected frontiers of design.