Teenage Engineering

Sound, Music & Design

Design meet robot meet speaker meet AI

With iconic products such as the OP-1 synthesizer and the little Pocket Operator synths, Teenage Engineering has earned almost legendary status as a team of mavericks that continuously push boundaries. Out of their headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, their multi-
disciplinary team of software/electrical/mechanical engineers and industrial designers are developing beautiful products for people who love sound and music.

Two new speaker products were recently unveiled at the Baidu World conference in Beijing, China, that were designed in partnership by Teenage Engineering and the tech company Raven. Simply referred to by the single letters ‘H’ and ‘R,’ the devices are a part voice-controlled speaker, part robot, part state-of-the-art AI, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

As the speakers are only available in China, Teenage Engineering will provide a unique demo of H and R. And as if that’s not enough cool for one day, they will also do a sneak peek unboxing of their upcoming OP-Z Synth.

  1. The reactive, emotional AI-powered robot speaker R is one of the latest revolutionary creations from Teenage Engineering in collaboration with Chinese Baidu.

Nikhita Ghugari Swar Raisinghani

Xeno Co-lab

Everyday innovations for a sustainable future

Xeno Co-lab is a service design and social innovation company aimed at connecting seemingly disconnected behaviors, trends, and realities through profound insights and collaborations with diverse stakeholders. Based in Pune, India, they bring a unique perspective from one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

Constraints within the system and environment lead to creativity in daily life where people design ‘hacks’ to solve their needs and get a job done efficiently. In India, this is called ‘Jugaad.’ Nikhita and Swar will explore these everyday innovations that lead to informal economies and analyze how designers globally can learn from such solutions in today’s context for creating a long term and sustainable future.

Nikhita Ghugari and Swar Raisinghani will share insights on the phenomenon ‘Jugaad’ in India.

Stefan Ytterborn

Founder & CEO


CAKE develops uncompromising high performance electric off-road motorbikes and was recently awarded The Swedish Design Award for their newly launched bike.

Designing zero-emission off-road motorbikes

The founder of the iconic winter sport and cycling gear brand POC, Stefan Ytterborn stepped back as CEO to focus on his new venture, CAKE, to provide ‘uncompromised, high-performance zero-emission off-road motorbikes.’ With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and its technology office in Taiwan, the CAKE bikes defines a new category for bike experience.

Recently awarded for best product design at the Swedish Design Awards, CAKE breaks new ground at the intersection of design and technology with a distinct DNA that goes against the industry standards. With only 50 bikes shipped worldwide so far, Stefan will make an exclusive demo of their product and give us a glimpse of a beautiful future for motorbikes.

Stefan Ytterborn has founded CAKE with the mission to speed up the journey towards a zero emission society.

Haiyan Zhang

Innovation Director

Microsoft Research

Haiyan Zhang focus on projects around how we can innovate technology for a diverse and inclusive world.

Transforming lives through technology

Haiyan Zhang is a designer, engineer and maker of things. An innovation and technology leader, Haiyan has spent the past 20 years working hands-on across software engineering, user experience, hardware development, service design, cloud platforms, design thinking and blue-sky envisioning. She continues to push on the boundaries where technology can transform people’s lives for the better.

Haiyan is Innovation Director at Microsoft Research in Cambridge and Technical Advisor to Lab Director, Christopher Bishop. She is also an inventor appearing in the BBC documentary series, Big Life Fix, inventing cutting-edge technology in support of people and communities in need.

How a watch helped Emma write again. Haiyan Zhang has created a life-changing device for a woman with Parkinson’s.

Yolanda Domínguez

Visual Artist

Challenging gender norms

Yolanda is a Spanish visual artist, communication expert, and activist. Her artistic work transcends the educational field, collaborating with several institutions and
universities all around the world to carry out workshops and conferences. Yolanda is currently professor and tutor of Contemporary Photography MA at EFTI School in Madrid where she teaches the module “Image as a tool for social transformation.”

Her unique work can be seen as a comment on contemporary culture and media, and has gained broad international recognition in the same media her work criticises.

  1. LBD is the abbreviation for “Little Black Dress”, a fashionista term that refers to a versatile short black dress. This project deals with the influence and pressure that the canons of the world of fashion exert on the forming of the female body.

Matt Jones

Principal Designer

Research & Machine Intelligence, Google AI

Photo by Timo Arnall.

Designing human relationships with non-human intelligences

Matt Jones was a principal and partner at the legendary product invention company BERG that researched, conceived, designed and built connected products.

At Nokia, he drove design research, working on areas as diverse as RFID/NFC applications of tangible/physical interfaces and the universal human experience of play.

Today Matt works on product design for Machine Learning at Google, and writes on interaction design, comic books, and planetary-scale, self-replicating robot dogs at

The work of Matt Jones and his team has informed products such as the AI-powered camera Google Clips.

Agi Haines

Speculative Designer

Our body and future technology

Agi Haines’s work is focused on the design of the human body and how people might respond to the possibilities of our body as another everyday material, and how far we can push our malleable bodies while still being accepted by society.

After completing her masters in the Design Interactions department at the Royal College of Art, she is now undertaking Ph.D. research at Transtechnology Research, funded by Plymouth University. This research sits within a transdisciplinary department called Cognovo – a large scale Marie Curie-funded ITN exploring cognitive innovation.

Working amongst various artists and scientists who are all focused on creativity and cognition, her inspiration comes from the weird and wonderful things that exist inside us, questioning how our morbid curiosity for the viscera of life might affect the future of design, not only for the environment but also for us as sentient sacks of flesh within it.

Shauna Carey

Managing Director


Shauna leads IDEO.org with the aim to improve lives through design.

Pioneering human-centered design

In 2011, IDEO.org launched as a nonprofit organization out of the global design and innovation firm, IDEO, to pioneer how human-centered design can improve the lives of people living in poverty. They continue working to push the social sector at large to take a human-centered approach to problem-solving.

In her role as Managing Director, Shauna leads IDEO.org’s global communications team and transformation practice, focusing on design solutions for emerging development and humanitarian challenges.

A writer and communications strategist by trade, Shauna is passionate about the power of human stories to inspire great design and bring about social change. Fueled by
insatiable curiosity, she loves finding patterns amidst chaos.

The Diva Centre in Zambia designed by IDEO.org, is a radical new approach to contraception where girls do their nails while having informal conversations about boys and sex.

Jen Cotton

Lead UX Designer


Designing for voice

Through Alexa, Amazon has positioned itself as one of the true pioneers of voice interaction, leading the way for everything from shopping to home automation through voice technology.

Jen is responsible for creating a design framework to scale the Alexa customer experience across a range of devices, from cars to appliances and beyond. Before joining Amazon in 2017, Jen was an Experience Design Lead at Twitter, where she was responsible for designing the Home Timeline and leading a team of designers on the overall user experience. She has previously worked at New York Magazine, Scripps Networks and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

  1. Jen Cotton is the UX Lead for how to scale the Alexa experience across a range of devices, such as cars.

Dan Goods

Visual Strategist


The custom installation “Refraction” by Dan Goods plays with the beauty of water bending light.

Seeing the unseen in life, design, and the universe

Dan is the Visual Strategist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. There he leads a team working to transform complex concepts into meaningful stories and creates installations that encourage people to discover more about planets and stars. He is also involved in developing future space missions.

His work usually express how science and creativity can come together to make meaningful experiences. The outcomes range from drilling a hole into a grain of sand and showing our place in the vast universe, to materializing the experience of the atmosphere of a comet.

Outside of NASA, Dan is creating the Museum of Awe, a mind-blowing experience of art, science and theatre that brings together collaborators from around the globe.

Dan Goods is the “Visual Strategist” for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Emilie Baltz

Food Technologist

The transformative power of sensory experiences

Emilie Baltz is a food technologist, experience designer and multimedia artist who creates multi-sensory experiences for emotional impact. Through this work, Emilie inspires diverse points of entry into how, and why, we consume.

Based in NYC, Emilie works out of the New Lab for emerging technologies. She is a founding member of NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator hosted at the New Museum, and is also part of the founding faculty of the School of Visual Arts Products of Design MFA program, as well as the founder of the Food Design Studio at Pratt Institute.

  1. Emilie Baltz explores what happens at the intersection of food, design, performance and technology, such as the Cotton Candy Universe.

Christian Benimana

Architect and Director

MASS Design Group and African Design Centre

The mission of the African Design Centre is to empower the leaders who will design a more equitable, just, and sustainable world.

Architecture beyond the design of buildings

Christian Benimana is leading the African Design Center in Kigali, Rwanda, a field-based educational program that is set to become the ‘Bauhaus of Africa.’ His goal is to develop the talent and potential of the next generation of African designers with socially-focused design principles.

Christian is an Architect and Country Program Manager at MASS Design Group. His work range from the Maternity Waiting Village project in Malawi and Liberia Health Infrastructure Standards to a master plan for the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Lambarene, Gabon.

MASS Design Group seeks to provide infrastructure, buildings, and the human and physical systems necessary for growth, dignity, and well-being.

I want to see a shift in the perception of what Africa can achieve. We need to offer a chance for Africans to learn how design can improve people’s lives.