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The Frontiers conference is set up to uncover clues about the frontiers of design through a rare mix of perspectives. Here’s the changemakers, masterminds and explorers.

Emilie Baltz

Food Technologist

New Lab

The transformative power of sensory experience

Emilie Baltz is a food technologist, experience designer and multimedia artist who creates multi-sensory experiences for emotional impact. Through this work, Emilie inspires diverse points of entry into how, and why, we consume.

Based in New York City Emilie works out of the New Lab for emerging technologies. Emilie is a founding member of NEW INC, the first museum led incubator hosted at the New Museum and is also part of the founding faculty of the School of Visual Arts Products of Design MFA program, as well as the founder of the Food Design Studio at Pratt Institute.

  1. Emilie Baltz explores what happens at the intersection of food, design, performance and technology, such as the Cotton Candy Universe.

Christian Benimana

Architect and Director

MASS Design Group and African Design Centre

The mission of the African Design Centre is to empower the leaders who will design a more equitable, just, and sustainable world.

Architecture beyond the design of buildings

Christian Benimana is leading the African Design Center in Kigali, Rwanda, a field-based apprenticeship that is set to be the BAUHAUS of Africa. His goal is to develop the talent and potential of the next generation of African designers with socially-focused design principles.

Christian is an Architect and Country Program Manager at MASS Design Group. His work range from the Maternity Waiting Village project in Malawi to Liberia Health Infrastructure Standards and a master plan for the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Lambarene, Gabon.

MASS seeks to provide infrastructure, buildings, and the human and physical systems necessary for growth, dignity and well-being.

“I want to see a shift in the perception of what Africa can achieve. We need to offer a chance for Africans to learn how design can improve people’s lives.”

Matt Jones

Principal Designer

Research & Machine Intelligence, Google

Photo by Timo Arnall.

New Machines, new opportunities

Matt Jones was a principal and partner at the legendary product invention company BERG that researched, conceived, designed and built connected products.

At Nokia, he drove design research, working on areas as diverse as RFID/NFC applications of tangible/physical interfaces and the human universal experience of play.

Today he works on product design for Machine Learning at Google (and writes on interaction design, comic books and planetary-scale, self-replicating robot dogs at magicalnihilism.com)

The work of Matt Jones and his team, has informed products such as the AI-powered camera Google Clips.